Code of Ethics Sponsor

Medprin Regenerative Medical Technologies Co., Ltd. (herein after “Medprin”) is a high-tech enterprise that is devoted to combining the characteristics of synthetic materials and advanced manufacturing technology to explore high-performance implantable medical device. Medprin strictly obeys the requirement of quality management system and has obtained the approval of  Good Manufacturing and Quality Management Practice of Medical Device, Annex of Good Manufacturing and Quality Management Practice of Medical Device: Implantable Medical Devices, RDC 665 / 2022, CE certification, ISO13485 : 2016 and other system certifications. Besides, Medprin complies with the requirements of laws and regulations such as Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Medical devices, Production Supervision and Administration Method of Medical Device, and clarifies the responsibility of quality management. Medprin follows the highest ethical standards, standing for integrity, fairness, and respect for others, committing to the principles of ethical behavior and creating a culture that inspires trust. Medprin in its business realizes principles of scientific, rigorous, and practical approach, providing safe and effective high quality products and services for the society.