Recranio™ Cranio-Maxillofacial repair system

In place of traditional materialPerfect for complicated cranio-maxillofacial restoration
Novel Material

Polyether ether ketone(PEEK)


Non-magnetic and highly translucent to X-ray


More than 20 years in clinical application

Light Yet strong

Withstand compressive stress up to 530 PSI Less foreign body sensation, more comfortable experience

Elastic modulus

Similar elastic modulus with native bone, ideal choice for bone replacement

Elastic modulus
3D Precisely Design
3D Precisely Design

Customized shape and thickness

Perfect contour restoration

Optional designs

Drainage hole, Notch, Bridge, Groove, Cranio Plug and Plate


Recranio™-- perfect for complicated cranio-maxillofacial restoration

Recranio™Titanium Based
Customized - computer aided reconstructionManual or 3D modeling
Embedded implantOverlay implant
Smooth edges, more comfortable experienceSharp edges, risk of material explosure

CT/MRI friendly

Favorable for postoperative tracking

CT/MRI friendly
Clinical Cases
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