Bridging Borders in Neurosurgery: a successful academic exchange in December

Dedicated to neurosurgery beyond borders, Medprin is committed to building an academic bridge for surgeons worldwide, fostering cross-cultural communication, and engaging in collaborative interactions.

In the busy December, we are privileged to invite Dr. MAXIMILIAN-NIKLAS BONK from University Hospital Augsburg, who traveled from Europe to Asia, for a cross-cultural exchange centered around surgery and sharing experience. This event aims to facilitate mutual learning and academic growth.

The Sixth Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University

Dr. Bonk visited the Sixth Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University in Guangdong Province for academic exchange and surgery observation with the neurosurgery team led by Dr. Chen Wen Li. During an endoscopic transnasal pituitary tumor resection surgery, after the tumor was removed, Dr. Chen used Immiseal dural sealant to perform the final sealing to prevent CSF leakage. Having experienced the superior performance of the product up close, Dr. Bonk expects Immiseal to enter the German market.



After the surgery, Dr. Chen's team and Dr. Bonk introduced their hospitals and teams respectively,  and discussed their teams' expertise and research areas.


Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University

Dr. Bonk visited NanFang Hospital for academic exchange, collaborative learning, and surgery observation. The surgeries performed included the resection of a lipoma in an infant with congenital spinal dysraphism, as well as the excision of a recurrent spinal tumor in an adult. Dr. Bonk joined the preoperative discussion and shared his experience regarding these patients' condition. During the postoperative communication, Dr. Bonk and the neurosurgery team at Nanfang Hospital had enthusiastic discussions on topics such as differences between hospitals , surgical methods for treating the same case, and possible surgical outcomes.


Dr. Bonk mentioned that surgical methods, equipment, and consumables in Germany and China are remarkably similar, providing ample opportunities for mutual clinical experience exchange and learning. Dr. Lu Yun Tao, the head of neurosurgery department of the hospital also stated his hope for more platforms and opportunities for international academic exchanges, fostering collaboration between Chinese and foreign experts to collectively explore cases, surgical techniques, and facilitate mutual learning and improvement.

Annual Meeting of Taiwan Neurosurgical Society

The annual meeting was successfully held in Taichung. More than 2,000 delegates participated in the meeting. As an invited speaker, Dr. Bonk gave his speech on “Structured Approach to Dura Closure” in the symposium hosted by Dr. Chien-Min Lin, vice president of Taipei Medical University-Shuang Ho Hospital-Ministry of Health and Welfare. He shared his philosophy of dural closure and demonstrated a variety of techniques. According to his research and clinical experience, there is no significant difference in outcome between autologous and heterologous dural materials, but the use of autologous materials tends to make surgical time longer. Additional sealing in non-tension-free dural sutures offers significant benefits to patient. Both the host and audience enjoyed this talk and had in-depth discussion with Dr. Bonk after the symposium.